How To Make Your Weekend Trip Happen

How To Make Your Weekend Trip Happen


Weekends can sometimes be pretty boring when spent alone. Working people mostly spend their weekends at their homes until they have to get to their offices on Monday. While this is not a problem, but people are missing out of the things they can do on weekends instead of being lazy and wasting it. If you feel you want to do something interesting this weekend which involves your friends, here is how you can plan for it.

Make a list

The first thing you will have to do is make a list of the things you and your friends can do and the places you all can visit. Keep in mind that the list of places should be convenient for everyone with whom you want to plan this trip. Make sure that you have enough information to answer the doubts of your friends related to your suggested places.

Create a group

Now that you have the places decided to create a 711kelab group chat and add everyone whom you want to invite for the trip. Pitch in your plan and lead the conversations to make sure you have everyone’s attention. Pick one destination from the list that you made, do not start adding new destinations on people’s recommendations as it will create more confusion. You can ask your friends about the ideas that can be added to the already existed plan. If your friends in the group think that they are contributing too less to the plan, they can back out. So, maintain good communication and keep them involved while leading your plan.

Distribute the tasks


Once you have fixed the place, you can distribute the tasks to be performed by each member of the group during your weekend trip. Some will bring food, while some will take care of the accounts. You can also divide the task of driving the vehicle to multiple people, so no one gets tired. Everyone can bring food and beverages to share with others, but if someone is willing to cook on the destination, they can feel free to do it. Make sure all the needs of your trip are met in advance. Everything should be arranged and packed on the day of your trip.

Be responsible for making arrangements

Apart from the tasks mentioned above, you will have to take responsibility for everything else, such as accommodations, activities, and amenities. Discuss the overall budget with everyone and make sure everyone pays equally for the trip just to be fair. Collect the money for the trip budget in advance and use it to book rooms and activities at the destination, If you are going to a beach, you can book a good resort which also offers water sports that you can enjoy with your friends. Have fun during the trip and take a day extra if you and your friends feel you haven’t had enough.

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