Outreach – GCN has a strong interest in reaching out to all Chamorros in order to provide them with a place to network with other Chamorros for social, cultural and business purposes. There are roughly 50,000 Chamorros residing on the U.S. mainland, the largest number living in California. Texas, Washington state, Hawaii and New York boast large Chamorro populations as well. A main component of the Community Council’s outreach program is C.I.A. (Chamorros in Action), a group of individuals who combine their diverse talents to assist the community in a variety of ways.

GESAT or Guam Emergency Support and Assistance Team is a network of individuals and businesses who stand ready to assist the people of Guam in time of emergency. This arm of GCN is prepared to disseminate up-to-date information and coordinate relief efforts. Since GCN evolved out of a crisis, GESAT remains an important part of the organization’s mission.

The Chamorro Reference Center maintains current and historical books, periodicals, videos and audio tapes about Guam as well as up to date resources relating to on Island and off island organizations, as well as Guam’s unique relationship with the United States and other Pacific islands. The Chamorro Information Directory, also housed in the reference center is a computerized data repository of information pertaining to Guam and its people.